Dr Issa- An iron woman becoming a ray of sunshine.

“It never hurts to keep looking for Sunshine”, and a firm follower of this ideology, Dr. Issa

believes that there is happiness in small things. Waking up to the sound of her first alarm in

the morning, sitting by plants and sipping hot coffee gives her fuel to start her day. She

believes that the real accomplishment in life is to not to force a search for happiness but to

celebrate every single day. Honouring small wins makes life bigger - and that, for Dr Issa is

real success.


Maykaa is delighted to have Dr Issa Fathima, consulting orthodontist and the founder of

The Public Foundation as a part of Maykaa's initiative towards celebrating womanhood.

Dr Issa Fathima earlier suffered from depression that was caused by rejection. Meeting many

women who moved forward despite their fears and struggles is what inspired her to grow out of it. We thank Dr Issa for sharing her experiences on how she overcame the darkness, and her commendable philosophies towards life.

According to Dr Issa, enlightenment is not an overnight process. It is like the delicate

flickering of a flame where one must learn to find balance and keep moving forward.

Looking into herself and listening deeper has helped Dr Issa in finding answers to questions

from within.

The orthodontist claims that we learn something from every person we meet in life. Be it

security personnel, housework teams, or chauffeurs, any person we meet has something to

offer. Dr Issa believes in imbibing energy from the people we admire. She looks up to her

past self, the one who overcame all obstacles and barriers; and this gives her the strength and to face any difficulties that life throws her way.

Dr Issa's determination, consistency and grit to do her best has contributed to her success in

life. The unshakable confidence she has in herself to excel in any work she takes up has been

her constant motivation. 

To be a woman is to lead a life of power, hope and grace. Every role that a woman assumes -

a mother, a wife, a daughter or sibling - has its own set of responsibilities. Having experienced every role right from being a leader at the workplace to being a mischievous

daughter, Dr Issa embraces and cherishes every part of being a woman. She claims that an

independent, fearless woman is the strongest force to be reckoned with.

Every day is about learning something new. She says that improving incrementally and with

consistency, means that success will be reached sooner in the long run.

Dr Issa wants to create awareness amongst women about financial independence. She hopes to reach out to school children and women in villages to teach them about financial

management and literacy.

Maykaa is extremely grateful to Dr Issa for sharing her insights on life and womanhood, as

well as joining us in inspiring people everywhere to run towards a limitless life ahead with

passion and vigour.

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