A Social Entrepreneur’s Insights into Life and Womanhood

Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”.

Love and compassion are fundamental essences for human existence. We see the expression of love in every nook and cranny of our lives. Whether it is tucked away in the gesture of a cat protecting her newborn kittens or in the way mothers take care of their infants, there is love and compassion everywhere.

We were more than delighted to have Ms. Nupur Agarwal, a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Dehradun Drum Circle, who joined in with Maykaa’s efforts towards empowering womanhood. When asked about her about her way of life, as well as the philosophies and principles that guide her to lead a life that is in sync with her beliefs, Nupur had a lot to say.

The entrepreneur believes that any sort of division or discrimination among people - be it based on caste, creed, race, or religion - is due to hatred. She believes that love is all about singularity and that there is power in being connected to one another. Her two prime sources of inspiration are nature and people; and she believes that nature has a lot of lessons. She continued saying that anyone who could interpret its meaning, would be able to see each new day from a fresh perspective! Getting to meet people from different walks of life has paved the way for her to realize the importance of being inspired by their stories.

Nupur is the founder of Dehradun Drum Circle, an organization that aims to bring people together in order for self-expression and empowerment in life through music and rhythm. Music has always been a source of joy for her. She believes in the power of music as recreative healing - which she claims women are the epitome of.

Her purpose in life is to help, support and empower people around her. When asked to describe life in a few words, she explained, “Life is a journey that we should experience with peace. When everything coexists in perfect harmony and freedom, then there is peace within too”.

Like Norman Vincent Peale once quoted,“The easiest type of existence, is to lead a life of inner peace with harmony and without stress, one must make a positive impact in the world by embracing and spreading love, peace, unity and happiness to others.”

Nupur strongly supports the ideology that every woman must learn to lead a life that fulfils her goals. She feels it is of utmost importance to prioritise oneself and one’s happiness regardless of what society expects. A woman should aspire to become not just emotionally but financially independent too, in order to meet her needs and actively contribute to the community. With regard to feminism, Nupur feels that men and women must learn to respect each other equally. Respecting mankind as a whole is more important than discrimination. Nupur celebrates womanhood by inspiring more women, and empowering them in every way possible by lifting them up to achieve greatness.

She looks up to the Indian actress Sushmita Sen, for the powerful mindset she holds. Nupur also believes in living her life to its fullest potential. She is constantly working towards learning more about herself, and finding deeper meanings of things to achieve a life composed of love and compassion.

Maykaa celebrates womanhood wholeheartedly and thanks Nupur Agarwal for sharing the story of her journey and contributing to society with love and harmony.

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